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Our 2015 results indicated a deficit of $771,723 compared to a deficit of $538,211 in 2014.

As expected, government income decreased by $689,874 during the year as programs completed and limited funding was not renewed, while at the same time, corporate event income – mirroring the trend on the marketing – reduced by $268,036.

Whilst 2015 was a challenging year, we also saw significant growth in our regional pilot in the Hunter region of NSW with our on-the-ground presence growing even stronger including 15 young people being selected to join Hunter Crew in January 2015.

Our investment in Facilitator development in our Sydney office continues, with a number of crew now trained in leading our community and school based programs, reducing the need for Melbourne-based facilitators to travel in support of program delivery.

The proactive steps we’ve taken to diversify our revenue streams have been promising – the most exciting of these being the creation of Reach Enterprises. We went into the year with a plan to launch a social enterprise strategy so we could not only extend opportunities for the young people we work with, but also generate revenue opportunities to underpin our long-term sustainability. Since its official launch in March 2015, Reach Enterprises has developed into a thriving fee-for-service initiative that provides positive social impact for both young people and adults, whilst building sustainable revenue that supports our long term operations.

At the same time we have undertaken cost reduction measures across the business which, combined with our diversifying revenue streams should see us return to a balanced budget result at year end.

Operationally, Reach has expanded beyond just Victoria into Sydney (2010) and the Hunter Region (2012). Through this strategy we continue to grow our impact and spread the benefits of our programs to young people in Australia.

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