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Thanks to a seed grant from The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, The Reach Foundation was able to launch ‘Reach Enterprises’ in March 2015. Reach Enterprises has utilised its team of skilled Reach facilitators, who have come up through the Reach Foundation community program, to develop and implement training workshops for the corporate sector.

Essentially, Reach Enterprises partners with organisations to design tailored programs to increase employee engagement, motivation and retention, through focusing on social and emotional wellbeing, improving self-awareness and encouraging deeper connections within the workplace. These fee-for-service programs vary from 2 hour workshops to 3 day retreats, presenting on today’s youth and why/how they relate to the workforce and additionally working with organisations to create events with social impact.

Reach Enterprises not only provides fulfilling work for Reach facilitators and value for corporate clients, but the income it generates is also used to support the Reach Foundation’s core programs with young people, contributing to its ongoing financial sustainability.

Vision: To be known as the best-in-class for delivering unique experiences that foster connection between individuals.

Mission: A social enterprise driving untied and sustainable funding to The Reach Foundation, whilst raising awareness and spreading the benefit of our experiences to a wider audience (adults).


A result of 21 years’ experience in supporting young people and working closely with experts in teenage development, we decided the time was right to put this much anticipated resource on the shelves.

We proudly partnered with Affirm Press who donated all profits of the book to Reach as part of their profit- for- purpose initiative.

To make some noise about our Parenting Teenagers handbook, we held a launch event right here at the Dream Factory in early February.

A panel discussion gave guests the opportunity to ask questions of some of our young people and parents alike. The panel was made up of crew members Tayah, Rochelle and Caleb, Tayah’s mum Glenice and Reach wellbeing professional Dr Karen White, also a mum. Tayah’s mum expressed that even she had learnt something from reading the book – her children having already passed through their teen years. She commended the book in helping her further appreciate the value of communication in raising a family.

The Parenting Teenagers handbook is a result of 21 years’ experience in supporting young people and working closely with experts in teenage development.


In June, we launched our first ever digital app, MYinspo.

App ambassador and alumni, Marty Smiley was on board to MC and deliver the message of why it’s so important for Reach to be able to extend beyond the workshop experience and into the everyday lives of young people across Australia.

And - the test is now! Being our 21st birthday year, many of the crew who designed the challenges in the app, set the brief for the user experience and who have been testing it out to make sure it does what we intended, were not born when Jim Stynes and Paul Currie founded Reach in 1994. It seems fitting that a new generation of Reach crew continues to design and deliver the programs for young people and in our 21st year has taken Reach into the social media space – true to the founding purpose of young people inspiring other young people to achieve.

MYinspo was made possible by generous support from the Victorian Government. The Honourable Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Families & Children and Youth Affairs, attended the launch to demonstrate her support and, coupled with the students from Bendigo South East College, the event was a success and ended in a spontaneous dance off!

The app gives young people the opportunity, the prompts and the peer-to-peer encouragement and validation to keep practicing and using the strategies introduced in our workshops that will help them flourish.

Reach Impact Statement

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